Thursday, March 1

Old Saying

I was up at our local crematorium to attend the funeral of an old mate this week, and as usual it felt freezing up there, I don't know if it's all in the mind, or because of the occasion or maybe it really is five degrees colder up there even in summer. A large group of folk waiting respectfully were chatting amongst themselves and renewing old acquaintances as seems to happen at most funeral's. Then it was the time for the funeral to begin, but unfortunately the cortege had not yet arrived, and so all that could be done was to wait outside a bit longer, this went on for another ten or fifteen minutes. People were anxiously looking down the hill and checking their watches, no one had known this happen before and everyone was wondering what was going on. Finally the hearse and family limousines were spotted coming up the hill, but when they drew alongside every body's eyes were drawn to the huge scrape and gouge down the side of one of the cars. It turns out as I was told later that they had been crashed into by an empty car which had been left with the handbrake off. And so the chap in question really did make the old saying come true "you'd be late for your own funeral"


Anonymous said...

Mention of the cold and Cemetery hill always brings back memories of standing at Holker St in the middle of winter. It was freezing as the cold east wind funnelled its way down the hill. Craven Park was much better and alwys described as cozy.

Bob said...

Yes it must be the wind off the Irish Sea being funnelled over the slag bank.