Friday, February 9

Top or Bottom

Barrow's mainly pedestrianised Dalton Road isn't on a hill, as a matter of fact it's pretty level, and yet lots of folk refer to one end as being the top and the other as the bottom end. The only problem is that opinions widely differ as to which end is which, some refer to the Abbey Rd end as the top and others the Duke St end . I usually try to clarify this before we set of, especially now because of the road closures, if I head for the wrong end it can add a long detour round the town. But with one confused customer this morning things got a bit silly. She wasn't local and had been asked to meet a friend at the top of Dalton Road, and so before we set off I tried to figure out which end she meant, "by the amusement arcade" she said "there's one at each end" I replied. "Oh just go to the nearest I'll recognise it when I see it" As I drove slowly down the Abbey Rd end of Dalton Rd, she shook her head and said "no it's the other end" and so I began the tortuous trek right round the town centre to get to the other end. As she was about to get out of the cab at the other end her phone rang, she answered it and then going red she said "we've just drove past her down the other end" And off we set again all the way round again, still never mind the meter racked up nicely!


Anonymous said...

it IS on a slight incline from Bodycare to McDonalds.

Rant Over

Bob said...

Anon:maybe but you wouldn't roll yer easter egg down it eh!