Tuesday, February 6

I Want One

I want one of these gadgets, and I dare say that a lot of Taxi drivers would appreciate one, some local drivers have a DVD player in the cab but they don't look half as neat as these. Pity they aren't available here in the UK though, I don't think the US version would be any good over here.


Anonymous said...

We bought one of the regular portable dvd players (I think from argos on Dalton road) for long summer road trips. Strapped it between the two front seats for the 3 kids in the back - they were all car sick before we got to Dalton.

Bob said...

Anon: Like it, I could give them out as presents to folk I don't like and let their kids be sick in the back.

Lugosi said...

More importantly, what's the movie that's playing on the unit in the picture? Looks interesting!