Sunday, January 28


The rather drunk lass staggered into the back of the cab and started to curse and mutter, and so I asked if everything was OK. "No" she told me and then went on to tell me a tale of how she had been out the previous night with her male best friend who happened to be gay. He she told me had ended up paired up with another gay guy and they had all gone back to his house. Then after hiccuping a few times she went on to tell me that shortly after arriving there, her best friend had disappeared, leaving her alone with the other gay chap. " Well no problem there then you would have been safe enough" she swore and said "oh no I wasn't, he's just spent the last six hours trying to undress me". I asked if she needed the police or anything, and she said "no I think he was just trying to get my best friend jealous,I'll tell him off tonight". Well the truth of the matter is I simply don't believe a word she was saying! Six hours trying to undress her? when she could have left anytime she chose and believe me the two press studs and the wisp of elastic wouldn't have thwarted any guy who was half serious. Myself I think she had been playing the age old pastime of many a drunken women, that of trying to turn the gay guy straight. Well by the sounds of things I guess she wasn't successful!


Peggy said...

The Man of the Place was diving there on Sunday! Water temp, 6 C. Visibility 1.5 meters. Fish, none seen. There was a rumour that somebody saw to little tiny perch, but this was unsubstantiated.

Peggy said...

Drat! I meant to put that comment in the Coniston entry!

You can't flirt a gay man into being straight. It wastes your time and annoys the gay man.

Bob said...

Peggy: rather him then me