Friday, January 12


Who's spying on your mobile phone?
Virtually everyone owns a mobile phone, but few of us realise that this innocent device can be turned into a hidden spy inside our own homes.
The Internet is full of adverts offering to turn some mobile phones into sophisticated bugging devices. This sends a copy of every text that is either sent or received, and in some phones is capable of retransmitting every word spoken within a room back to the stalkers phone.
The spyware is being marketed to suspicious husbands and wives but it’s an even more worrying tool in the hands of a stalker.
Lawyers who specialise in stalking and harassment cases are worried because buying this bugging software is perfectly legal.
Spyphone software can be installed on some mobile phones in well under a minute.
How safe are you from mobile phone snooping?
But although it's legal to buy and own spyphone software, the companies that sell it are keen to keep one fact private - intercepting text messages is against the law
But the software is so well hidden, the crime is almost impossible to detect… and it has another highly intrusive feature.
Text alert - Whenever the phone is used, a copy is sent of the phone numbers of every one of the incoming and outgoing calls.
It's impossible to tell if spyphone software is on your phone.
Worse still, the person who put it there only has to send a simple text message and the software will self-destruct - it's as if it had never existed. UPDATE: Check out this video on you-tube


Bob said...

such spyphone software is sold by and is well hidden so its almost impossible to find.. people who use smart phones on Symbian OS (i.e. latest Nokia phones) should be aware of the possibility to become a victim..

Bob said...

..and some of sony ericsson phones are vulnerable to spyphone software as well. Sorry for double posting.