Monday, January 1

Location ;Location

If only some of the Liverpool buildings in the photos were just a mile or so to the south they would have been developed as " trendy waterside apartments" years ago But as they are in the old still working area of the dock road they are left to rot.


Anonymous said...

The solution to that is to have a flock of artists move in. As soon as artists start renting cheap loft space, open a few galleries, coffee shops and bars, the next thing you know the whole area will become fashionable.

4 years later the artists will have to move because they can't afford to live there anymore.

John said...

My last car radio used to get radio Merseyside really well. Many hours of listening to Billy Bottler. I thought it was the Germans that caused such havok in L'pool.But hopefully things will change for you too. You see those craines on the skyline..There a bit like wire coathangers they multaply. You do have the very best commedians in the world. The Beatles are still great after all these years.. Keep up the good work.

Keith said...

That building at the bottom is a beauty isn't it ?