Tuesday, January 2

Born Again

Early on new years day morning I saw the first of the born again joggers, dressed in the brand new tracksuit's and trainers that they had gotten for Christmas. Red faced and looking permanently down to avoid the pools of vomit left by the new years revelers on their way home. They puffed and panted down the quiet side streets to avoid being seen and jeered at by any passing friend's. Most of them will last about a week and then they will go and squander a huge membership fee to join a local gym, this of course will last for a month or so and then they just give it all up until next January. Staff from local gym's who I pick up tell me that most of the gym's income is made in January from folk who they will never see for the rest of the year. The other thing I saw on new years day was the first of the discarded Christmas tree's thrown carelessly out into the back streets, what is up with these people eh!

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