Thursday, January 18

Abbey FM Studio

Last night I called into the local radio station Abbey FM studios to record a chat with Bill Clark, who does the evening show. While I was there Bill showed me round and I sat in whilst he edited last nights show, all fascinating stuff. The photo is of Bill in the studio, and he tells me that he will let me know when it's going out and I will post the link to Abbey FM live on the web.


KP said...

I did a radio interview with BBC Radio Birmingham or West Midland or something. It ran for 15 minutes was undeited and the website I was "plugging" got hardly a hit from it... It's by the way

Bob said...

You may well be right I won't expect too much from it but it does plant the idea in the brain and even as most of them won't write the URL down, they may google it sometime in the future.

Bill said...

During my weekly roundup on Sundays programme your interview was repeated. More info at