Saturday, December 30

Tesco Value

It seems that Barrow's latest set of new traffic light's at the new Tesco junction have been financed by Tesco themselves. What a pity that they seem to have installed the Tesco value, economy model ,traffic lights. Most traffic light controlled junctions for a lot of years now have had sensors built into the road which gave priority to main road traffic and only changed the lights when needed. Not so this junction pity they didn't spend that extra few bob and save local drivers from fuming at the unnecessary delays caused by these lights turning red even when no other traffic is waiting. This seems to be driving some drivers to distraction, especially in the rush hours when it is causing long delays. Then we have the ludicrous situation of having another set of traffic lights within a hundred yards, which because they are only used by a private company (BAE) should have been removed altogether or made part time and only used at their start and finish times. Then we seem to have run out of cash altogether and the nice new two lane highway abruptly ends and goes down to one lane, or is this just to test our brakes and reactions.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the traffic lights there are ill-conceived with having two sets very close to each other.
Also, I think it's very dangerous how the token cycle lane abruptly stops at the same place where two lanes of motor traffic are jostling together to get in to one lane.
The cycle lanes are not wide enough, they seem to be less than one metre and are certainly less than 1.5m wide.
If you're driving through the new Tesco junction and there's a cyclist in "your way", it's probably me looking out for myself first.

Bob said...

Anon; I had a look at the bike lane today and yes you are right, I will certainly watch out for you n ya bike.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. In all fairness I find taxis (on average) more considerate drivers. Good to know all the same.