Wednesday, December 20

Eureka 2

More weird and wacky ideas taken from actual patent applications , this time for flag devices to hail a taxi, I wonder how much these never to be heard of again devices cost to get patented and how much was earned from sales. (click to enlarge images)


TUFFENUF said...

Well, Bob, I wonder have you ever seen anyone use one of these taxi hailers? I have been to many big cities and I have never seen one, so maybe it just didn't fly! I was thinking about you when hearing on the news about the serial killer(s) wondering if you ever picked them up in your cab. Can you imagine transporting a killer and him having you wait - "I'll just be a minute, I have to go and kill a hooker". Be careful, it's a jungle out there!

Bob said...

Check out this one from a while back

Mark said...

excellent stuff!