Saturday, December 23

Eve and Sprouts

Will somebody please tell the DJ,s on our local radio station(Abbey FM) that there's no such thing as Christmas Eve Eve. They have driven me mad today, I thought at first that they had all developed a speech impediment, but no apparently this is their idea of a modern term of speech. The shops and supermarkets were crazy today and apart from a few hungover leftovers from black eye Friday that's all I seemed to pick up all day. You wouldn't believe the amount of stuff some people were cramming into the boot of my cab, the boot is huge but still some had to resort to filling the back seats as well. Some passengers told me of gaps starting to appear on shelves and and no doubt this will lead to the usual fighting over the last bag of sprouts. The other trade which I noticed was very busy was the car washes, big queues for all of them. Are they treating the car for Christmas? or could it be the huge amounts of rock salt which Cumbria Council have kindly spread over our roads. What a waste ,what with not a sign of ice or snow round here, are they watching the weather forecast for somewhere else? or are they just on commission from the road grit suppliers. ( the driver of the car pictured, which was parked on a Barrow St this morning must have been following the gritter all night)


Paradise Driver said...


Salting the road before there is any ice or snow is as effective as buttering the table and then putting the toast on top of it.

Governments (national/regional/local), worldwide, never cease to amaze me.

TUFFENUF said...

The day after Christmas, they will be loading up your boot again to take the stuff back. Too much stuff in this world & people commercializing Christmas. Bob, enjoy a safe and Happy Holiday with your family! I have enjoyed your taxi tales this year!

Phin said...

somebody told me the council have to use up their full quota of grit otherwise they only qualify for a smaller quota next year and then they won't have enough if we have a really long cold snap. It sounds daft enough to be true doesn't it.

Anonymous said...

Surely that is not grit. Maybe he bought a tin of paint for the back bedroom and changed his mind and did a repaint job on the car.

Not heard Christmas Eve Eve, just pre-Christmas Eve which is more a generality.

All the best for Christmas.

Mark said...

they'll be having a countdown at midnight for christmas eve next!