Wednesday, December 6

Di's Death Limo for Sale

THE owner of the Mercedes in which Princess Diana died wants to sell the wreck for £1million.
Jean Francois Musa has begun a legal battle to get the limo shipped back to France. And he wants compensation for the nine years British police have kept it while investigating Princess Di's death.
The mangled car was shipped from Paris to England after the tragic crash on 31 August, 1997, for vital forensic tests.
But now that the long running case is coming to a close. Mr Musa, the owner of Etoile Limousines which rented Ritz hotel boss Mohamed al Fayed the car, has begun legal proceedings to reclaim it.
He said: "It is an exceptional wreck - like the one James Dean died in." "We were told it was worth at least £1million, it belongs to us.
Now I want to sell it, we've been told a lot of people would pay a fortune for that wreck."
"We have never had any firm inquiries about it, but people have spoken to me about how much it could be worth." His lawyer, Jean-Luc Marchand is submitting an application to the Chambre D'Instruction Court Appel in Paris for the Mercedes to be returned to him. The appeal is due to begin next month.
"They don't know what they are going to do with it once their investigation is completed. We should be reimbursed at least for the money we have lost. They kept it and have not given us any money, it was not our fault."
"This is unfair, it is not justice and for me it does not seem legal. All this is just because we did not request the car early enough - but we felt it was right to wait." Met Police are thought to have the car garaged at a traffic investigation depot in South East London. Former Met Police Commissioner Lord Stevens is set to publish the report of his three-year investigation into the crash on December 14, when he's expected to conclude it was an accident - despite many theories that Diana was murdered.


saintjohncabbie said...

Shitty that they have to stoop this low to make money off some ones death. but I guess that it is the way the world of ours turns, On the almighty dollar

Or Pound in this case.

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