Sunday, December 17

Bouncer Wars

Bouncer war's broke out at a Barrow town centre nightclub on Saturday night, with the result that police actually shut the place down. Local door staff turned up for work as usual at Barrow's Scorpio nightclub only to be confronted by new bouncers shipped in from Newcastle, who told them that they were to replace the local staff. This led to arguments and scuffles throughout the night and culminated in an all out fight, with some witness's telling me that baseball bats and hatchets were being brandished. Some innocent clubbers were caught up in the violence and this led to the police attending in force and the club being evacuated. This coincides with the news that a businessman from Newcastle has bought from the receivers, the town centre hotel and nightclub chain started by local Rick Lucas , which includes Scorpio. I wonder if this is a coincidence or are we to look forward to more of this imported mayhem and violence. After the chequered history of this portfolio of now run down clubs and hotels maybe Barrow officials should be taking a closer look at this outfit before they transfer any licences to them.


Bill said...

I thought all doorman operating in the borough of Barrow In Furness had to be licenced by the council and to obtain this licence they had to go on a course of some sort.

This then begs the question "Has Barrow Council already licenced these out of town doormen in advance".

They may argue that they are already licenced by their own council but I wouldnt have thought that was valid. If it is then that means its ok for me to accept taxi work in another district using my local licence. (Fairs Fair - No pun intended)

I would have thought they were not licenced by the local council they cant operate and the laws would state that they can only operate in the district that licenced them in the first place.

And to think, it was only last night I took a staff member home from another establishment (Bought by the same person) and she was saying she was told that all jobs were safe.

Radio and website reviews blog.

Bob said...

Fair point Bill no doubt it will all come out in time. I see the Mail haven't caught up yet!

Anonymous said...

for your information, doorstaff are now governed by a national license which is valid through out the UK. This is rules by the SIA (security Industry Authority) I also happen to know these members of doorstaff from out of town and have worked with them in venues across the whole of the UK and they are Very Proffessional. If there was trouble it would have been started by the other party.

Anonymous said...

i have witnessed the door men on cornwallis street and can say that on more than occassion I have seen one of them just up route a lad from the area, usually they are lads(not men) and a little loud, the way to handle them would be to have word saying keep it down, after all the places do sell drink !!!but what I have seen is a run at them like a bull put them of their feet and them shove them out the door (conversation nil) I have also seen the boucers hit the offenders even though now aggression was being shown by the lads, so not that professional..