Friday, November 3

Post Haloween

Well it was a quiet Halloween this year with not much trouble due to an increased police presence on the street's. Trouble is that it seems that the local brats have decided to leave the real mischief making until afterwards. For several nights on the trot so far our local taxi drivers have had to put up with eggs, and even worse stones being thrown at cabs in certain parts of town. Don't the parents of these little darlings ever wonder where they are when they go on their nocturnal vandalism sprees. It may seem like fun to these kids but when driver's are out there doing a public service and trying to make a living it's no joke. Perhaps the police should like the little thugs consider Halloween as a week and not just the one night.

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Peggy said...

Now we have to try to keep the dogs calm for Guy Fawkes night. The poor creatures get so frightened.