Saturday, November 11

Boom Boom

Lot's of football fan's in town for the Barrow versus Bristol Rovers match at Holker St. This for some reason meant a huge show of strength by the Police, with many special constables and reinforcements brought in from out of town. But of course it was raining and blowing a gale and so there was no chance of the opposing fans having a scrap. The police even brought in dog patrols, but when I think of police dogs I tend to think of big snarling German Shepard's and not the cuddly assortment that minced up and down Holker St today. None of the fur ball's held on huge chains by handlers in full black SWAT team gear would have frightened anything but a very nervous pussy. Mind you I did hear that Basil Brush was in town today doing a show at Forum 28 so they may have been friend's of his. Boom Boom!


Peggy said...

I think it's great that all those special constables can get some extra pocket money just before the Christmas holidays. If they can't make some money at football games, and Basil Brush shows, they're going to have to create a disaster of their own.

wil said...

During my other "life" I had three different K-9s.

"Big" Blitz was a 130 pound German Shepard

"Little" Blitz was a 100 pound German Shepard

Zeus weighed in at 150 pounds. He could look a 6 foot tall man directly in the eyes when he stood on his rear legs.

All three were very gentle babies until it was time to play the "games" they knew so well.

I may write about them on my blog someday, when I can get past the emotions I have for each of them. Still too soon.