Thursday, October 12

One Year

Well it's one year and three hundred and eighty one posts since I started this blog. Time certainly does fly. This is the first picture that I posted of early cabs in Duke St Barrow, glad I wasn't about back then, they drove those things from the rear and were outside in all weathers.


wil said...

Happy anniversary!!

A lot has happened over the past year. Some good, some bad but all interesting.

Look forward to the future.

Paradise Driver exists because of you, Bob. It was you who suggested that I write about being a cabbie in Hawai'i.

Cheers, mate.

Peggy said...

Happy Anniversary Bob! I enjoy checking this blog every day that I can.

Dogbait said...

If we could be there, Bob, we'd bake you a cake and let you blow out the candle! I think you were one of the earliest bloggers I tuned into.

Keep posting.