Tuesday, October 10

No Nuts?

This time last year I was amazed by the number Of squirrel's that I was spotting every day sometimes as many as three or four at a time. Before last year I hadn't seen any squirrel's either red or grey anywhere in Barrow. And yet last year the town was awash with the grey variety in fact I had a few near misses with them not having the sense to cross the road with care, a fact proved by lot's of deceased balls of fur. This year so far I haven't seen a single one grey or red ,dead or alive. What I wonder could cause this drastic swing from last years glut to this. Is their a shortage of food for them or has a new predator appeared, maybe one of the mystery giant black cats spotted in the area has developed a taste for them .

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lugosi said...

I have noticed the same fluctuations of squirrel populations in the Washington, DC area. One fall a few years ago they were all over the place. Then the following year there were hardly any. This autumn seems kind of light, too.
Maybe it has something to do with the weather (rainy summers vs. dry ones) and how many acorns are produced by the trees.