Tuesday, October 24

Love Shack

Residents of one our Hindpool Streets will be breathing a sigh of relief today. But not too far away a Barrow town centre Street will be in for some not so welcome new tenants. This is because one of the jobs given to one of our lucky drivers today was to hitch up and move a caravan. The local residents of the Hindpool St tell me that it has been there for months, complete with it's own wheelie bin and shopping trolley and plugged into someones power supply. They tell me that someone has been living and partying hard in this mobile love shack, even ordering takeaways to be delivered there, the shopping trolley by the way was used to carry fresh beer supplies from the local supermarket. I wonder if the new neighbours will be happy to see them set up home in their back Street.

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Anonymous said...

I used to have a friend who was a clinical psychologist. He often used to get quite down about the fact that he would work very hard with his patients, build them up etc. However they went back to the same lifestyle and his work was rendered almost useless. He would always mutter about the fact that there were very few lifestyles other than the traditional mortgage/9-5/office/factory etc.

But now I have seen the answer to his prayers.