Monday, September 11


A council is protesting to the Metropolitan Police after one its traffic wardens was arrested after he ticketed an officer's car.
The situation reportedly turned ugly after the off-duty policeman saw the warden putting an £80 ticket on his car, which was parked with two wheels on the pavement in Upminster, Essex.
According to neighbours, words were exchanged before the policeman dashed into his house, put on his uniform and called for back-up.
Then, when two colleagues arrived in a patrol car, he went back outside and arrested the warden on suspicion of using threatening and abusive behaviour. Now, Havering council has asked the Met to investigate the arrest.
According to one neighbour, the warden had just ticketed the car when the policeman, then wearing civilian clothes, began speaking to him and the exchanges soon became "nasty".
'It's hilarious to think a traffic warden can be arrested for issuing tickets – it just goes to show that even the police are fed up with them," added the neighbour.
"We're always having problems down here with wardens targeting motorists unfairly and this time one got his comeuppance."
A council spokesman said: "The council is very concerned about the arrest of its officer.


Peggy said...

I dunno about this story Bob. I mean I KNOW that traffic wardens are evil and they seem to take delight waiting for a meter to click over to pounce on a car. They are just awful. However, if that off-duty policeman's car was parked illegally, he really shouldn't have jumped into his uniform to change into an on-duty cop. It does have the smell of abuse of power. What do you think?

Bob said...

Yes I think he allowed himself to get too involved and ended up going too far. I can see him ending up in trouble himself.