Wednesday, September 27


For about the third time this month I took a fare to the Citizens Advice Bureau and they were all going for the same reason. Advice on debts that they had run up and could not pay, it seems to me that we are fast becoming the most financially illiterate nation on earth. The passenger I took there even used the wrong word he said that he was going to sort his credit out, I've got news for you mate it's not credit it's debt pure and simple debt. I hear lot's of people I pick up talking about buying things on credit but they don't actually know how much they are paying for it, all they seem interested in is what the payments per week or month are. Maybe it's about time we started compulsory classes at schools and maybe making folk go on a course before they are allowed credit.

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Anonymous said...

if they have debt problems can they not find a cheaper mode of transport - what about a bus? Still they keep you in business I suppose. Just strikes me that a taxi is a kind of expensive way for a poor person to get about.