Sunday, September 10


Early this morning I picked up three young lasses from a party, which must have been going on all night. Before they got in the cab they were saying affectionate farewells to two other girls, all hugs and smiles. But the moment they got into the cab they started with comments like "what a mess Sally looked and Tina's put loads of weight on and did you see those ugly guys they were with".
This went on until I dropped one of them off, and then "yes you've guessed it"the two left started pulling the one that had left to pieces. Do all women do this I wonder? I wish I could have taped them and then played it back to their so called friends.

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Peggy said...

Not all women do that. Just the young and the terribly bitchy. That sort of bitching is a double edged sword. Those girls will stop that when they find out how it will come back and bite them in the backside.