Friday, August 18

A Women Scorned

As soon as my lady passenger got in the cab she asked me if I knew of a driver called Tony(I won't give his full name) who worked on our outfit, I did but I replied" no not really", so she began to describe him in the most unflattering terms, you know she said the small fat ugly one, well I said that could describe a lot of our drivers. And so she goes into even more gory detail, until finally, I said" yes I know who you mean"." He was my former husband" she said and then went on to tell me what a useless piece of trash she thought he was and how he had cheated on her and robbed her. "Why don't you use another cab firm to avoid him then" I asked "oh no I follow him around as he moves from firm to firm and tell all the drivers about him" And so as I was a captive audience for the next ten minutes or so I was treated with tales of how he was a bad father a bad lover and the full list of all his many nasty bad habits. A bit later I passed this driver and even though I took everything she said with a pinch of salt ( you know a woman scorned and all that)I couldn't help looking at him in a whole new light.

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lugosi said...

Hell, stories like only increase my admiration for my fellow drivers.