Friday, August 11

White Scar Caves

My day off and so it was off to White Scar Caves which is about forty five miles away near the small town of Ingleton, just over the Yorkshire border. What a great experience especially for kids they love it deep underground. Whilst we were on the tour it got quite busy and we had to squeeze past people on their way out. I had to laugh when we overheard a tourist say “why don’t they have a separate entry and exit tunnel” I mean this cave was formed naturally over millions of years by the natural action of water. But thinking about it I guess if it was located in Florida it would be made into some sort of theme ride with carpets, escalators and lifts, and maybe the odd scary dinosaur and caveman to add interest, thank god its not eh!
If you visit the website (link above) make sure you take the virtual tour.


lugosi said...

Maybe I need to get my mind out of the gutter, but am I the only one who sees something obscene just to the right of the middle of the second photo down?

bob said...

I thought the wife went a bit misty eyed,!!! But no really it,s a stalagmite about four million years old (still looks like it's got a bit of life left in it thooo)Anybody know the name for the one that grows down?

Anonymous said...

impotence hehe!

bob said...

Guess who!I enjoyd the virtural tour and the real one.I agree with you,the amiricans would make it waaaaaay over the top!If you did not guess,than its me, Emma!