Saturday, August 5

Posh State

First job this morning was a return to the cemetery and back, and to be honest the lady was a bit morbid. “Aye she said me husbands in there an me mother and sister, but theirs room for me to join them as well when I go”” Lets hope it’s later rather than sooner” I said, she was silent for a minute or two then she said” aye maybe”. The next job was a young lass she had been written on with felt tip pen all over her arms, she had made the mistake of falling asleep at a party. Now she was feeling the worse for wear and just wanted to get home. She said “my parents will go crazy” why? I asked you seem old enough to do as you please.
“Oh no we live on a posh estate and they worry what the neighbours might think when I get out of a taxi with no shoes on and in this state”. Do people really think like that? I would have thought they would have been glad to see the daughter home safe and sound and hey! stuff the posh neighbours on the posh estate.

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