Saturday, August 19

Fair Fare

Well, we finally got a small increase in fares, and not before time, what with the vast increase in the cost of fuel and insurance , never mind the cost of living something had to give, and I think the local firms realised this. Even though this was all kept hush hush up till the last minute leading to drivers frantically rushing round trying to get their meters adjusted, all the firms seemed to pitch the increase at about the same level. But as usual, they all managed to sneak in an increase to the fees that they charge to us the drivers, ahh well in one pocket out the other


John Nez said...

Of course you ought to raise your fares!

Kriminey... why should you be the one to pay the price for the hike in gas prices?

Excellent blogging... amazing stories about all the things that happen to you.
My job is a total bore in comparison.

bob said...

No I doubt that John not after looking at some of your work on your blog awesome!