Sunday, August 13

Boob Job

A couple of young lasses I picked up today tell me that the “bouncers” whoops sorry I forgot its door persons now, isn’t it now that we are all politically correct. Anyway they were telling me that some of the male doorpersons have a new way of telling if young ladies are over eighteen and so allowed on the premises. Apparently they don’t need to look at the faces or check the ID, they just check to see that they have a well developed bust! So now you know girls when you try to get in the local clubs stick that chest out and in you go, pity if you’re a late starter or even a non starter you may have problems so take your ID.


wil said...


Do they use a "hand test" to ensure that the lasses are not "technically augmented"?

How about "early" bloomers? Big boobs and makeup would get 'em in.

Mark said...

surely that's just an excuse to have a good gawk at all the ladies boobs?

next they'll be weighing them.... *whey-heyhey!*

David said...

I heard a story of a person who asked you your sign. If the one you said didn't match your birthday on your ID, it was probably a fake