Wednesday, August 9

The Answer

Its funny the things you find out are going on in the town when you talk to people you pick up, sometimes you have to take it with a pinch of salt but a lot of the times it turns out to be true. Take the two from this week the first was a guy who was working on the site on the corner of Duke St and Cavendish St, now at first glance it looks like the steelwork for a new building is going up, but no he tells me it’s to be a giant open book!. “What” I asked incredulously” what’s that all about?” he tells me that it’s a new art installation to tell the history of shipbuilding in Barrow. Wow can’t wait to see that finished and would love to know how much it is costing us, my bet is that it will equal or exceed the fine imposed for the legionnaire’s scandal. Next up is a guy who is working on the new Tesco expansion and he tells me a tale of somebody looking at the plans the wrong way and the offices being built on the wrong side of the building, he says nobody noticed until they were completed and that this has cost tens of thousands of pounds. If this is true nobody will be too surprised they do seem to have history of doing things back to front just ask anybody who’s trying to get off the car park stuck between the building site and the roadworks.

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