Wednesday, July 26


On my day off I had a wonder up to South Lakes Wild Animal Park which is only five miles away in Dalton. It still amazes me that most of the visitors are from out of the area travelling hundreds of miles to see the top visitor attraction in the Lake District, and yet most local folk especially those from Barrow just don’t seem to be able to drag themselves the five miles up the road. There’s just no excuse especially with the half price admission for locals offer that they run in conjunction with local stores. Every time I visit more has been added and improved and you have to agree with the name its not a zoo it really is a wild life park where animals are kept in conditions as near as possible to the wild even to the extent off speakers playing the sounds of their natural habitat and food being hidden or animals being made to climb to reach it. Come on folks get off your butts and go and get to see wild animals up close and dirty. Ooh and it's only £6 in a taxi to get there from Barrow.


John Nez said...

When I lived outside of New York City, most of the residents of the sleepy little village up the Hudson hadn't been down to New York in 5 or 10 years!!

Amazing all the things they were happy to miss out on.

Anonymous said...

I guess it's a universal phenomenon. Half-way round the world here in Penang, just about every out-of-state visitor has been to all the local attractions, except the locals.

So near yet so far?