Thursday, June 29


Well, it’s been a week or so since I got back and things seem to be more or less back to normal. The eyesight seems OK but I have not been back to work since I got back and have been resting the eyes to make sure everything is one hundred per cent for when I start work tomorrow. Funny but people worry about riding with sightless cabbies and I may not get much custom if I wore the special glasses I was given.
Let’s hope it’s a busy weekend with the world cup football and two local carnivals going on


wil said...


My second thought was about your poor daughter. Thinking that her desire to see Disney World was being punished by the loss of her father's eyesight.

So, now, tell us all the fun things about your holiday.

TUFFENUF said...

I am glad everything turned out OK. What a terrible thing to happen. It gives you such an appreciation of the good life when these things work out. Good luck to you, Bob, I hope you totally recover. What a beautiful little girl you have!

bob said...

Thanks Emma has gone all red now I have showed her your comments I was just glad it all happened right at the end of the holiday.

Len said...

Well, should anyone "questionable" get in your cab you can just turn around and start polishing your special glasses while telling them as how you can't really see very well without them and if they will have just a little patience and a little faith everything should be alright. Anyway nice to see you back.