Sunday, June 25

Kidnap and Robbery

One of our drivers early on Saturday Morning was on his way back from Grange over Sands when he was given a job to pick up a fare in Ulverston. Shortly after he picked up a group of men a knife was produced and held to his neck from behind. He was threatened and then made to drive the ninety or so miles to the city of Salford, here he was forced to drive these animals around picking and dropping off other people as they drove around the city. At one point mention was made of going to collect a shotgun “my god” what thoughts must have gone on in his head then we can only imagine. Eventually, they let him go but only after robbing him of the eighty pounds or so that he had with him. This sort of thing rarely happens around here but it does bring it home how vulnerable we all are to this sort of cowardly attack. I believe the driver has been left traumatised by this and is thinking seriously about his future.
What does annoy me is that as is usual in this type of thing you always get the smartarses who say what they would have done in the situation, crashed the car etc, but nobody knows how they will react until it happens. I think that the ones with the biggest mouths are the ones who would fall to pieces the quickest.


freddybeach cabby said...

The weapon of choice for the low-life dirtbags around here is the hyperdermic needle.which could be just as deadly with an injury as small as a scratch.And you never know how you'll react until you go through it.

TUFFENUF said...

You are exactly right, all the ones comment about what they would have done, you never know until you have had the shit scared out of you how you will react to such a dire situation.

Mark said...

doesn't suprise me one bit that it was salford where they were from :(

Mark said...

speaking of which... there are places in salford where taxi drivers will refuse to go to.

its better to drop them at deansgate station in manchester and tell them to take the train for the rest of the way.