Tuesday, May 2


I took a guy out to Baycliff today and on the way out down the coast road, we came across a beat up looking car parked on the road with the hazard warning lights on.  As we got closer and slowed to go around it the driver got out and went to the rear of his car and stood staring down at a dead seagull on the roadside. So after that, the fare and I laughed and tried to figure out what on earth he was doing. "Giving it the last rites, " said the fare “no he wants to make quills with its feathers "I replied" or an Indian headdress" he answered. Or maybe he's one of these guys that likes to eat road kill I said "not much of a meal there" he said, " unless he puts it in a stew." On the way back into town I checked, and sure enough the seagull had gone.

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