Friday, May 12


Women at a nuclear plant claim that they are being discriminated against - over their underwear.
Some of the female staff at the Sellafield site in Cumbria many of whom are from Barrow go in and out of potentially hot (radioactive) areas.
But while those employed by British Nuclear Group are entitled to an annual underwear allowance of £70, those brought in by agencies are not. At the same time, under a 30-year-old union deal, every man at the plant is entitled to both boxer-style briefs and vests.
One female agency worker wrote in her local newspaper on the ''hot pants'' issue: "Males, whether they are contractor or agency, are provided with underwear. Surely this is discrimination."

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Anonymous said...

now friend of mine who is a civil defense attorny said that there is no case of discrimination becease the allowance is out of date under european law and therefore should not be issued to any employee no matter what there sex.