Monday, May 15


I had a chav couple in the back of the cab today and I couldn't help but overhear the conversation that they were having. Girl chav" why didn't you eat the dinner I made you" Guy chav "cos it was crap luv" Girl chav "but starving people like you see on the telly would be glad of grub like that” Guy chav" I’ve got no sympathy with any of em why don't they just move like get a bus or somethin an go somewhere a bit more lush" Girl chav"oh yeh" and she looks at him all admiringly and is gob smacked at him for solving the worlds food crisis.
Not sure what a chav is have a look at the Chav site here.
Cheers Maft.


Mad Cabbie said...

He sounds like the U.N

wil said...

Okay, I give.

What is......"a chav couple"?

MaFt said...

a 'chav' is a new breed of briton who likes to wear burberry and have lots of tacky gold jewelerry (known to the chav as 'bling'). loadsa info here:

Anonymous said...

Is that supposed to be the local dialect or is it the way the English youth (yoof, chav or whatever) speaks? Sorry, ... German ;)

bob said...

yes that's the way a lot of the chavs talk have a look at the link