Sunday, May 7


I pick up quite a few door supervisors or bouncers as they are known locally, and have no problems with them they all seem nice chaps. But I had to laugh when I read about the new dress code which is being introduced by local authorities the nearest being Lancashire. That means we in Cumbria won't be far behind I wonder how the local boys will react when they hear I don’t think they will be amused but saying that they seldom are. Police want bouncers to ditch their traditional uniform of a tuxedo and long, black overcoat, in favour of less menacing, high-visibility clothing. Door staff say the fluorescent jackets, waistcoats and bibs, which have already been introduced in some parts of the country, undermine their tough-guy image, make it harder to do their job and leave them open to ridicule. Cheryl Hall, from Lads UK, a trade association that represents more than 750 door staff, said: "Our members get a lot of derogatory comments when wearing this clothing. They get called Bob the Builder and people ask where their lollipop sticks are.

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wil said...

Here, the PC term for "bouncers" is "floor hosts".

The non-regulated attire of choice is black slacks and form fitting black shirts (either "Polo" or "T") with the word "SECURITY" across the front and back. Most of these guys are also martial artists, so these form-fitting clothes makes them more quietly intimidating and provide less for an assailant to grab onto during altercations.