Tuesday, April 18


Now that the Welsh have signs in Welsh and the Scots in Gaelic it seems that us northerners are about to follow the trend. We tend to drop our Hs and Ws so it has been realised that millions of pounds could be saved by spelling things as we say them for example otel, old folks ome, orse stables, wheelbarra, central eating, any more examples welcome remember it all started with this sign in Barrow--- __ops sorry Barra.


DC Cab Rider said...

Nice blog - I invite you to post thoughts on mine if you like.

MaFt said...

'ow about all the money 'otels could save in ink and advertising? guest 'ouses would be better off too.

Aaron the Truck Driver said...

Does that bother you?

We have a sizable hispanic population in the States. You have to choose between Spanish and English when you call some places or go to a cash machine. And if you show up at a growing number of warehouses. And don't know spanish, it can be very frustrating.

At least all you have to do is add a letter.

I don't know if its just me and a lack of tolerance but i wish everyone could at least learn enough English to communicate.

It is actually a pretty big issue over here.

bob said...

Hi Aaron first let me start with an apology not just to you but to all American readers. We in the UK particularly in the North have a strangely self mocking sense of humour we tend to laugh at our own accents and mannerisms and this dropping of the H and W is just one of them. This piece was meant more for local consumption as a lot of my stuff finds its way into a weekly piece I do for the local paper also called Taxi Tales.

bob said...

I realise now that Americans would be confused by this so I will confirm that it is meant as a joke and not a serious item. But I can see where you are coming from with the Spanish influence over there we particularly in our bigger city’s have even more of a problem because of the sheer numbers of languages spoken by immigrants from all round the world. There have been many cases of finding interpreters for different nationalities and then finding they speak different dialects.

Aaron the Truck Driver said...

i understand