Thursday, April 6

Hairy Bikers

My daughter poses for a photo with the Hairy Bikers as the boys sign the book.

I went to a book signing today for the book "Hairy Bikers Cookbook" by Geordie Si King and local lad Dave Myers. The book follows on from a highly successful television series of which I have been an avid viewer. Not only a cook book" but a stunning travelogue full of anecdotes, maps behind the scenes pictures and delicious laid back food". The book follows their journeys on motorcycles to Portugal, Namibia, Isle of Man Ireland, Transylvania, Turkey, Vietnam, and Mexico, all with a good sprinkle of down to earth northern humour. I was surprised to hear that Dave is a reader of my column in the Evening Mail it's good that he keeps in touch with local news and going on's.


wil said...

Bob, your daughter is beautiful. Of course, I know I am "preaching to the pulpit" on that subject. ;)

Barnze said...

Very entertaining stuff them bikers do..And some good snap unall!