Sunday, April 16

Easter Parade

Easter Sunday and the same as last year, what I call the Easter parade hundreds of cars driving round looking for a supermarket that’s open.
They can’t believe that they have the audacity to close when they want to go shopping as they usually do every Sunday. They don’t just look at the car park and see it’s empty and realise the store is closed, nope they have to drive right up to the store entrance and stare at the locked doors with open mouths. They actually form a queue to do this and then they all drive off to the supermarket down the road to repeat the ritual. It seems that they just don’t know what to do with their selves without their Sunday shopping fix, wonder what they did before the stores started Sunday trading. We could make lots of money if our phone operators didn’t tell customers that the stores were shut. We could just take them a nice trip round all the closed supermarkets and then back home again, but that’s bad public relations so we don’t do that. Pity though.

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