Thursday, March 23

Windermere Ferry

This link takes you to a webcam on the west side of the Windernere to Bowness car ferry landing.
It will be quiet this time of year but will get very busy with tourists in Easter


wil said...

Thats a great link. Seems to refresh about 1/2 second intervals. Watched the gate go down and the ferry pull away.


wil said...

Now I've seen it in daylight and I have some questions:

Is it public or private?

How much is the cost to use?

Do you have a lot of fog there?

If so, is the ferry guided by an underwater cable?

How much time and distance does this save?

How long is the queue at its worst?

At its average?

Do you use this route often as a cabbie?

I noticed that the "turn around" time was only 30 minutes or so. Thats pretty quick. Looks like it takes between 15 to 20 cars at a time (I didn't really count), plus the assorted bikes and pedestrians.

Joann said...

Thanks. I love webcams.

bob said...

Wil the ferry is a public service and is cable operated it costs two or three pounds and saves about 10/15miles and 25 minutes on the journey. I don't use it so often as a cabbie but use it now and then on days off,the wait can be an hour at peak tourist times in the summer but usually it's only 15 or 20 minutes.