Friday, March 10

Billy Boy

There’s always one on every taxi firm the one who’s singing to a different tune, dancing to another beat. Ours is Billy Boy,most drivers when they find something spilt or crumbs on there seats they clean it Billy Boy tastes it. Twice now we have had to pick him up from Dalton railway station when he has helped passengers onto the train at Barrow station and the train has set off before he could get off. This is a man who decided to relieve himself on a beach at nine thirty on a busy Friday night and whilst doing so had to leap for his life when a car drove straight at him onto the beach. This turned out to be his own car which he had left with the handbrake off. He had to call for another car to tow him back onto the road. This is a man who a passenger tells me asked them” where do you want it then up the back passage”? We hope he meant the taxi.

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