Wednesday, March 29

Barrow freecycle

I have just discovered Barrow freecycle group what a neat idea. With a hundred local members so far, it’s all done by email if you have something that you no longer want or need, or if you are looking for something that someone may be giving away. You simply send your email to the group and everyone else gets to see what you want or have.
No money changes hands it is designed as a way of saving stuff from simply going to the tip. Recent ads include people wanting a fish tank, fireguard, bedroom furniture and someone giving away baby clothes. Founded in Tuscan Arizona in 2003 there are now 3475 groups worldwide and over two million members. Join the local group on the web at

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Anonymous said...

Tucson, Arizona!!!

You may never read this, but the city is T-U-C-S-O-N.

Enjoyed reading your blog. I'm from Surprise, Arizona.