Wednesday, February 1

Wheelchair access

Come across a blog by a local wheelchair user and he mentions the outfit I work with. This is lifted directly from his blog.

TaxisPrivate HireThere is a Taxi company called A1 which have wheelchair Taxis, there Telephone number is 01229 838383.Please note we can never get a wheelchair taxis, after about 8:30pm Sunday - Thursday!This company is good, when you get into the cab they are friendly, don't charge you more for using the service, and don't start the meter running until you set off!It's also advisable if you want a non wheelchair cab phone ahead, just to say that the boot needs to be big another to fit a wheelchair. most taxi firms have taxis, which they use to pick up wheelchairs as they have large boots!
Hackney (Black Cabs)If you are on a night out, there are No Hackney Taxis (These are Taxis which you don't need to book!), which means you either need to booked once which is Wheelchair friendly or walk home.We often get into a non wheelchair and put the wheelchair in the boot. Please note you need to be assertive when flagging a cab down. As most will just pass you by, if you do flag one down often you need to convince them that a wheelchair can fit into the boot.”

This is what he has to say on clubbing in Barrow again a bit of an eye opener.

Clubbing“I'll warn you now the only places with Disabled Toilets are two Pubs, "The Furness Railway", and "Yates"; these are just pubs not clubs.There are no disable toilets down Cornwallis Street (This is where all the Nightclubs are), so if you need to go to the toilet, two options --Option 1 - Recommend to us by the Police, "The Backstreet"... please don't do this!Option 2 - Go Home
There is a toilet in the club “Circus Circus”, which they use as a disabled toilet but you can’t move your wheelchair when you inside! If you walk you could try to use this toilet, just as a member of staff behind the door for the key, as the lock doesn’t work it the “Radar Key”.
No Club has access to the any other floor so you’ll be stuck on the bottom floor. There are steps into some clubs but I wouldn’t worry as the Bouncers can help you over these steps.
Princess Selandia
I’m going to give a special mention to this newly built club, as this is the most popular club in town.
This is clubs is situated on boat; there is no wheelchair access, as they are a lots of steps to get onto the ships then more steps to go to the bar!
Which means you’ll need to be carried on-board which we did to get on Christmas Eve.
The only other issue I have with this club is that there are no disabled toilets. If you are disabled you’ll need to use the woman’s toilet, as the men’s is downstairs!
If you a man you will need to use the woman’s toilets, which is just a normal cubicle which barely fits a wheelchair in!
That’s My Wheelchair Guide to Barrow, hope you enjoyed the Read!”


Anonymous said...

Here most businesses are required to have access for the handicapped.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob,

I will be keeping my site up to date! Funny, I go to your site for a read every other day and was astonished to see you found my Blog!

Great Blog by the Way!

bob mullen said...

Well Robin I get everywhere! keep it up and I have added a link to your blog cheers.