Sunday, February 26

Speed Humps

I drove through Dalton today and noticed that the speed humps on the main street Market St have been altered. Some have gone altogether and others have been reduced to what I would call a reasonable height. This is great news for a lot of people, bus passengers were I believe being thrown from the seats onto the floor when they went over them. A lot of drivers especially those who drive locally all day complain that they cause or aggravate back conditions and other medical problems, not to mention the expensive damage that they cause to their vehicles. There is a lot that need attention in Barrow itself some of the earlier ones are starting to fall apart now due to lack of maintenance, lets hope that this is the beginning of the end for them.


NYC Taxi Shots said...

greetings from nyc

Anonymous said...

I'm the editor of a national taxi magazine and would be interested in printing parts of your blog as a diary/digest. please contact me on so we can discuss how this may work.

wil said...

Same language, different phrases. Here we call them "speed bumps".

BTW - Thanks, Bob, for the suggestion to write about driving a cab on Mau'i. I hope that you have had a chance to check back and read some of my stories. REFLECTIONS OF MY MIND

Sandra Johnson said...

The effectiveness of Speed humps depends heavily on some critical dimensions: height and length of the humps, spacing, how many there are. It is disappointing that the evaluation doesn't provide any measurements of these critical dimensions. Also,success is evaluated by speed, or how often cars travel faster than the intended speed; this should have been observed and reported more carefully.