Sunday, February 19

Sore Sunday

Funny how people hurt themselves on a Saturday night but it doesn’t hurt till Sunday morning. I had two trips to hospital in a row this Sunday both had injury’s to the same leg, the first had been at a party where they played an old punk track and of course he thought he would see if he could still pogo like back in his younger days. The next said he had fallen over a kerb, bet he couldn’t find it the next day though. Reminds me of a few months back when I picked up a guy still very much the worse for wear who had fallen the night before. When he woke up he saw something white on his elbow so he tried to brush it off, unfortunately it turned out to his bone sticking out! He was still laughing about it but that will have stopped when the stitches went in. On the way to casualty I said to him, you know when the nurse says this wont hurt a bit? “Yes” he said “well there lying” I replied.

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