Wednesday, February 15

No buzz for Henry

Henry Fayyazi who is a taxi driver and spokesman for the Barrow Taxi Drivers Association in an interview with the Evening Mail was asked "What gives you the biggest buzz about being a taxi driver?” His reply unbelievably was
” I don’t like my job and the only buzz I get out of it is when my shift is over and I am going home in one piece." What’s he doing in the job then? Maybe its time he had a change of career, then reading the rest of the article its more of the same the jobs not rewarding and the hours too long why do it then? I believe that Barrow council are looking for traffic wardens that might suit him better.

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Anonymous said...

Taxi work is just that - - Work! Hot weather, cold weather, bad traffic, nasty customers, long hours, not enough exercise, heavy lifting, uneasy customers and customers that make me uneasy. But, I love every day of it. Buzz me!!!