Monday, February 13

Customer service classes

I see that over in San Jose California cab drivers have to attend a four hour compulsory customer service course, which they have to pay for themselves.(this is from Joann’s blog Taxi vignettes) This is something we should expect over here some time soon, what happens inCalifornia today happens over here a year or two later. I don’t think it would be such a bad thing myself especially for new drivers to the trade. Maybe something like the course the local bouncers attend is a good idea with a first aid course and lessons in dealing with unruly passengers safely. The other thing they have is a compulsory annual drug test which again I would have no objections to it would maybe help keep the rogues out of the trade.

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Joann said...

Thanks, Bob, for the mention of my blog. Yes, we pay $72.00 a year for the joy of "going" in the little plastic cup. A few years ago, when the drug testing first started, we lost several drivers.