Tuesday, February 28

Booster Seats

I see that new rules regarding booster seats may be coming in as early as September. Under the plans, all children over three and shorter than 4ft 5in will have to use a booster cushion, child seat or a suitable child restraint while travelling in a car fitted with seat belts. The new rules are also to stop parents cramming the back seat with children. If seat belts are provided, the number of people in the rear will not be able to exceed the number of seats with belts or child restraints. I wonder if this means that we will have to equip ourselves with four booster seats and a tape measure to check the little darling’s height before we set off.


wil said...

Child safety and booster seats can be a problem for cabs.

On one of the links at Melissa's "New York Hack" site it states that taxis are exempt from safety seat rules.

Let's face it. You really don't have room in the vehicle to "deadhead" a seat all the time. And what if there is more than one child?

We have, on request, the availability of safety seats at our garage, but we charge $5 extra for their use and require the parent to istall the seat themselves. This is due to the "liability factor" and American's propensity to litigate over anything.

Barnze said...

You need a height chart like those at theme parks...