Tuesday, January 3

The Task

Well I arrived a the adress in Yorkshire precisely on time 12am Monday and keyed in the number on the keypad and as he said the gates rolled open. First surprise when was that the passenger was younger than I was expecting; she was a lady of about forty. We got on well on the drive back and she filled me in on some of the secrets of this task. The chap who had interviewed me for the task had recently lost his wife and having no family of their own this lady, being the daughter of a friend had become their surrogate daughter. Unfortunately she suffers from M.E and is unable to travel alone hence the taxi ride. Now then the mystery envelope she was to read on the way back this, she told me partly consisted of a eulogy for the funeral and details of a bequest left to her. Unfortunately the bequest consisted of the table I had delivered to her and very little else the bulk of the cash (and I believe their was lots of it) was to go to a DONKEY SANCTUARY! Still she took it very well.


Barnze said...

Them donkeys must be minted

PHOTO said...

I have been called an ass a few times. Maybe I can get a grant from that Sanctuary???????

Barnze said...
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