Sunday, January 29


Got myself a sat-nav the other day, and have been playing around with my new toy whenever I get the time. Not that I will use it in town but I think it will be useful for rural jobs and the odd out of town job. I had it switched on today when I picked up one of our regular fares a lady who happens to be blind. She heard the voice from the sat-nav and asked me who else was there. I explained what it was and she was fascinated, so I programmed in her destination and let her listen as it guided us there.” How big is it” she asked so I handed it to her and she was amazed to feel how small it was.” Do you think I could use one” she asked”, it would be great for me to find my way round “I explained that she would not be able to enter stuff into it without sight. She was very disappointed, but as I said to her in the next few years you may able to get voice activated versions. She said this would be a boon to her and other people in a similar situation. Ain’t new technology great!


Joann said...

I have thought about getting that type of devise but I am so old school (A group committed to traditional ideas or practices) that I am not sure if I would feel like a proper cabbie. It would be great if it could be hidden from the customer, so that they would think I just knew everything. Ha-Ha!!!

bob said...

Hi Joan well I only got mine as a second hand bargain otherwise I would not have bothered.But many of the new boys to the job rely on them only thing is that they don't take the route that you or I would pick and some fares can work out more expensive.Good thing is in rural areas at night they can actualy take you to the exact house number you are looking for of course when you find the address you can switch the thing of and claim the credit for finding the place in the middle of nowhere.Funny enougth I found a place today in a nearby town (Ulverston) and it was called Ardtaget and beleive me it is.

Bill said...

Bob. How have you got on with this. Its now 11 months since you wrote this post so I assume thats enough time to get to know your sat nav. Whats good and whats bad.