Monday, January 23

Kids Parties

A lot of my fares today were children going to birthday parties. Not too long ago birthday parties consisted of a few friends invited for tea which would be sandwiches (cut into triangles with the crusts cut off if you were posh) and jelly and cream to follow. Now they are picked up by chauffeur driven limousines and whisked to Italian restaurants and then go to bowling, swimming, laser games and other activities. There seems to be a big money in this new industry and anyone that can come up with something new and different must be on to a sure thing. Only thing that makes me think is that a lot of the parents seem to be in competition with each other trying to impress each other rather than the children. It used to be the custom to take a small present for the child whose birthday it was but now they expect to be given a present or goody bag in return. Again there is fierce competition to outdo the other parents in the race for bigger and better offerings.

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