Friday, January 27

Fancy Dress

Two young girls were in the middle of a conversation when they got into the back of the cab.” Well you can borrow one of mine if you want” said one I’ve got a nurse policewoman’s and a French maid’s outfit at home” Then she must have seen my gaping mouth or flapping ears. She laughed and said “hey it’s nothing kinky we’ve been invited to a fancy dress party tonight” .Oh yes I replied and you just happened to have those outfits at home did you. They both went bright red and giggled for the rest of the trip. Still who knows maybe they were her Dads.


Joann said...

Don't you just love what we hear!

punkbill said...

i think my dad`s got all those outfits!

Barnze said...

Now't wrong with a bit of dressing up you know!Ooo err missus!